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J2 Skeleton Chassis Image
Here's where you'll find the Combos and parts for the J2 Skeleton Chassis lineup. There's rails, mounts, skids, J2 Link kits, and more!
Check out the Ultimate Combo Lineup for the J2 Skeleton Chassis. This setup will be a direct fit for your Skeleton Chassis with the specific Axle you want to hang under it! Links, brackets, and all is included on the Ultimate combo setups.

For less complete kits, there's still the Combo Kit, as well as individual items to complete a previously started build.

Watch the assembly videos here Here at this link

For TerraMod Axles under a 2dr JK


For SCX Axles under a 2dr JK


For RC4wd Axles under a 2dr JK

J2 Skeleton Basic Chassis Combo Image

J2 Skeleton Basic Chassis Combo
Hang your body and legs on this great scale truck frame.

Skeleton J2 Rail Chassis set Image

Skeleton J2 Rail Chassis set
Made for the 2dr JK Hardbody

Skeleton Delrin Skid Plate Image

Skeleton Delrin Skid Plate
Fits Skeleton Chassis

K44 Panhard 3rd Link Kit Image

K44 Panhard 3rd Link Kit
Fits Skeleton Chassis and K44/Yota axles

J2-TerraMod Axle-Link Kit Image

J2-TerraMod Axle-Link Kit
Direct bolt on HD Links for your Skeleton Chassis

J2-Axial Panhard Kit Image

J2-Axial Panhard Kit
Fits Skeleton Chassis and SCX axle

J2-RC4wd-Link Kit Image

J2-RC4wd-Link Kit
Direct bolt on HD Links for your Skeleton Chassis

J2-Axial Axle-Link Kit Image

J2-Axial Axle-Link Kit
Direct bolt on HD Links for your Skeleton Chassis

4TEN Leaf Chassis Image
This Leaf Spring chassis has been used time and again to get a scale appropriate look on your rig, and still deliver adjustability and performance. Either in the 4x4 version, or the HotRod 2wd version, there's wheelbase adjustment, shock mounts, and spring hanger settings to get your wheelbase perfect, and match the stance of your build.

The GCM 4TEN Chassis parts and Combo Kits are a scale and tough leaf spring component set that will assemble a strong and reliable truck frame and drivetrain to look great and keep repairs out of the schedule.
Have a look at the 4TEN Combo review in RC Car Action Magazine November 2010.

Check out the article
Here at this link

Link to setup videos Here and Here at this link
4TEN Leaf Combo 4x4 Image

4TEN Leaf Combo 4x4
Over 40 parts, adjustable and tough.

4TEN 2wd Combo Kit Image

4TEN 2wd Combo Kit
Low, strong, and easy to set up

4TEN Frame Set Image

4TEN Frame Set
Leaf Spring Scale Frame

4TEN Long Frame Image

4TEN Long Frame
Leaf Spring Scale Extended Frame

Gasser Axle Front 2wd Image

Gasser Axle Front 2wd
Drop the 4x4 and get a hotrod.

Tamiya Leaf Mounts Pre-Order Image

Tamiya Leaf Mounts Pre-Order
Mount Plates for Tamiya/RC4WD Axle

Axial Leaf Mounts Image

Axial Leaf Mounts
Leaf Mount Plates for Axial Truck Axle

Leaf Spring Hanger Set Image

Leaf Spring Hanger Set
Frame mounted Leaf spring hangars

4TEN Motor Trans Mount Image

4TEN Motor Trans Mount
4TEN Front Motor and Transmission Mount

4TEN Servo Mount Image

4TEN Servo Mount
4TEN Front Servo Mount

4TEN Rear Shock Mount Image

4TEN Rear Shock Mount
4TEN Rear Shock Mount

4TEN T-Case Mount Set Image

4TEN T-Case Mount Set
4TEN Mounts for Transfer Case

CrossCanyon Coil Chassis Image
GCM Offers Full Scaler Truck conversion kits here. This CrossCanyon coil spring setup, using Axial transmission, and with a forward motor/trans mount offers a great scale truck platform to run under your truggy or JK 4door alike. We have link kits available to help get your truck moving!

All the best for your JK 4DR Jeep Build

CrossCanyon Basic Combo Kit Image

CrossCanyon Basic Combo Kit
For Coils, Links, and Scale Crawling performance

CC-Axial-Link Kit Image

CC-Axial-Link Kit
Direct bolt on HD Links for your CrossCanyon Chassis

CC-TerraMod-Link Kit Image

CC-TerraMod-Link Kit
Direct bolt on HD Links for your CrossCanyon Chassis

CC Frame Rails Image

CC Frame Rails
CrossCanyon Frame Rails for Coil Spring

CC Motor Trans Mount Image

CC Motor Trans Mount
CrossCanyon Front Motor and Transmission Mount

CC Servo Mount Image

CC Servo Mount
CrossCanyon Front Servo Mount

CC Skidplate Image

CC Skidplate
CrossCanyon Delrin Center Skid

Truck Axle Housings Image
When you need some super tough scale stuff for your Wraith, Crawler, SCX build, or custom truck, GCM has axle housings that will fit your build right. From the tough and tasty A-13 MetalHead Axle Housings, in all aluminum to the TerraMod scale truck housings in plastic, we're offering some strong and great looking options. Take a look at the newest selection here.

Scale truck enthusiasts everywhere have been using Axial SCX-10 axle housings for years. We have also used them, but join in the community complaining about the lack of scale details and steering throw on the original design.
GCM adores scale trucks. We also adore the long life and reliability the Axial drivetrain components bring to the trucking scene. This is the reason we created the TerraMod axle housing line. Have a look at the options we've made for scale truck builders.
TerraMod Axle Housings Pre-Order Image

TerraMod Axle Housings Pre-Order
Uses SCX-10 inside, GCM scale outside.

Wraith A-13 MetalHead Axles Pre-Order Image

Wraith A-13 MetalHead Axles Pre-Order
A-13 Wraith Axial Axle housings in Aluminum

Custom A-13 MetalHead Axles Pre-Order Image

Custom A-13 MetalHead Axles Pre-Order
GCM Tough, Custom Builder Ready.

A-13 SCX MetalHead Axle Pre-Order Image

A-13 SCX MetalHead Axle Pre-Order
Uses SCX-10 inside, GCM tough outside.

A-13 MH Panhard Kit Image

A-13 MH Panhard Kit
Panhard for the MetalHead Axle

A-13 MH Pinion Covers Image

A-13 MH Pinion Covers
Replacement Pinion Covers for the MetalHead Axle

Vaterra Ascender Blazer Image
The Vaterra Ascender Blazer has become a popular Kit and RTR, with a full steel Ladder Frame, adjustable wheel base, 2 speed options, and great scale looks. Unfortunately, there's no room for a full scale interior on the stock kit, so GCM has come up with options to correct this, as well as some of the bad link geometry. There's now full scale setup options available for this great kit through GCM, and performance gains as well!
Ascender Combo Kit Image

Ascender Combo Kit
Front motor and T-Case options for full scale

SCX-10 Truck Stuff Image
From Custom SCX builds, to stocker upgrades, GCM has parts and Combos that will get you driving fast with maximum performance. Check out these complete SCX upgrade kits, as well as a great line of performance upgrade parts.
The Axial Rubicon Kit and RTR have offered a great startup opportunity for new RC'ers as well as Custom Builders. There's many steps along the way in using this great SCX10 platform for custom truck builds.
Whether you want to do basic upgrades, or full custom truck builds, there's great kits for you here at GCM. Our kits here fit the SCX chassis, as well as the 313mm JK Rubicon, Ram, and Honcho trucks.
Rubicon 313mm Link Kit Image

Rubicon 313mm Link Kit
Direct bolt on HD Links for your 313mm Axial Truck

Rubicon Stage 2 Kit Image

Rubicon Stage 2 Kit
CMS and Suspension upgrades for 313mm Axial Truck

Rubicon Stage 3 Kit Image

Rubicon Stage 3 Kit
The Full SCX Load for 313mm Axial Truck

SCX Mounts Combo Kit Image

SCX Mounts Combo Kit
Mounts for Servo, Motor, T-Case included!

SCX Servo Mount Image

SCX Servo Mount
Bumper and Servo Front mount for SCX

SCX Dual Front Servo Mount Image

SCX Dual Front Servo Mount
Dual Front Servos, No Bumper Holes

Axial 4-Link Rear Truss Image

Axial 4-Link Rear Truss
Axle top link mount for Axial Trucks

Axial 3-Link Front Truss Image

Axial 3-Link Front Truss
Panhard Perfection for Axial Trucks

Axial Panhard Kit Image

Axial Panhard Kit
Truck axle Panhard Mount

SCX MOTOR Mount Image

Front motor mount for SCX

Chassis and Drivetrain Parts Image
GCM Offers only the toughest Chassis and Drivetrain components to keep your scale trucks running. From TTC to Scale Comp drivers, we have you covered for maintenance free running in any conditions. Have a look at the all new line of MetalHead components for the toughest parts in the industry.

Transfer Case 1:1 Image

Transfer Case 1:1
Tough, Tiny, and Famous.

T-Case Shaft Set Image

T-Case Shaft Set
Replacement Updated Shafts Only

LAST Locker Image

LAST Locker
Axial Diff Locker

Beadlock Wheels and Hubs Image
GCM Offers some unique Scale truck and Rock Crawler rims and rotors. We do super scale 5 Slot classic rims, Detroit 8 hole classics, both in 5 Lug or 6 Lug patterns to suit.
Check our newest Baja Detroit BL rim to satisfy your offroad adventure rigs! Have a look at what's available now on this overview video here
here at this link
And don't forget scale hubs to match!

Scale Beadlock 1.9 Rim Image

Scale Beadlock 1.9 Rim
5 Slot and 8 Hole, true to scale wheels

Scale Beadlock 1.9 SPARE Pre-Order Image

Scale Beadlock 1.9 SPARE Pre-Order
5 Slot and 8 Hole, SPARE Wheels

Baja Detroit BL 1.9 Rim Pre-Order Image

Baja Detroit BL 1.9 Rim Pre-Order
A true scale Detroit 8 Hole, scale beadlock features

GCM LOCK Scale Hub Set Image

GCM LOCK Scale Hub Set
True Scale 4x4 Front and Rear axle hubs

Black GCM LOCK Scale Hub Set Image

Black GCM LOCK Scale Hub Set
Black Lapped 4x4 Front and Rear Hubs

Scale Truck Items Image
Here's the listing for Scale truck items and parts.

RK Bumper Set Image

RK Bumper Set
Machined Delrin Bumper Sets with Winch Pad and Tow Hoops

RK Bumper Mounts Pre-Order Image

RK Bumper Mounts Pre-Order
Bumper Mounts for one Bumper

Axial Yeti EXO Buggy Performance Image
With the introduction of the 4wd 3-diff buggy class, this 1/10 scale winner boasts some great features and tons of setup possiblities. And, as many like to do, it allows for upgrades and improvements.
At GCM we pick only the most needed upgrades, only the best, the toughest are available here.
Axial Yeti EXO Buggy Diff Image

Axial Yeti EXO Buggy Diff
Billet, Tuned, Tough, Better

Axial EXO Motor Mount Image

Axial EXO Motor Mount
One Piece, and won't break

Yeti A-13 Rear Axle Image

Yeti A-13 Rear Axle
A-13 MetalHead housings in Aluminum

Vaterra Twin Hammer Buggy Image
The new addition of the Vaterra Twin Hammer to the scale buggy market has been exciting! GCM has taken the VTH to the next level with our scale parts and performance enhancing additions, to bring your Hammer to a realistic and competitive level.

Check out the Twin Hammers Product Videos
Here at this link.

All of our Twin Hammer body and interior parts are now available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link ! You may be able to save on shipping and order time by using this method for ordering.
VTH Front Tower Plate Image

VTH Front Tower Plate
Performance and Scale in one Mod.

VTH Rear Axle Truss Image

VTH Rear Axle Truss
Fix the Twist with this little part.

VTH Scale Interior Kit Image

VTH Scale Interior Kit
Full Scale Details, and Takes a Beating

VTH Rock Buggy Roof Pre-Order Image

VTH Rock Buggy Roof Pre-Order
Designed to Scale, Made to Last

VTH Rock Buggy Hood Image

VTH Rock Buggy Hood
A Tough new Front Look for your Hammer

Keddy Crawler Stands Image
Every scale truck needs some work here and there. This professionally cut setup will get your wheels off the ground in a stable and good looking way.
Keddy Crawler Stands Image

Keddy Crawler Stands
Work or Storage, this set holds up

LaTrax Rally 1/18 Image
This new popular racer is good for hours of fun and serious competition in it's class, all on a small budget.
GCM has come up with a common break replacement to help you run longer.
LaTrax Left Bellcrank Image

LaTrax Left Bellcrank
Bulletproof replacement, direct fit

E-Savage Offroad Parts Image
GCM has worked the E-Savage into a Brushless monster for years all around the world. Ready for tough parts? Look no further than GCM parts for your E-Savage.

ReAction Diff Kit Image

ReAction Diff Kit
Upgrade Differential Kit for E-Savage

Chassis Brace Kit Image

Chassis Brace Kit
E-Savage Essential parts here

Shirts and Stickers Image
We've got some GCM sticker packs and all sizes of shirts to decorate you and your rigs!
GCM Sticker Packs Image

GCM Sticker Packs
A 4x6 sheet of GCM stick-ons

GCM Racing Shirts Image

GCM Racing Shirts
Quality GCM Tees in any size