Vaterra Twin Hammer Buggy

Vaterra Twin Hammer Buggy Image
The new addition of the Vaterra Twin Hammer to the scale buggy market has been exciting! GCM has taken the VTH to the next level with our scale parts and performance enhancing additions, to bring your Hammer to a realistic and competitive level.

Check out the Twin Hammers Product Videos
Here at this link.

All of our Twin Hammer body and interior parts are now available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link ! You may be able to save on shipping and order time by using this method for ordering.
Vaterra Twin Hammer Buggy
VTH Front Tower Plate Image

VTH Front Tower Plate
Performance and Scale in one Mod.

VTH Rear Axle Truss Image

VTH Rear Axle Truss
Fix the Twist with this little part.

VTH Scale Interior Kit Image

VTH Scale Interior Kit
Full Scale Details, and Takes a Beating

VTH Rock Buggy Roof Image

VTH Rock Buggy Roof
Designed to Scale, Made to Last

VTH Rock Buggy Hood Image

VTH Rock Buggy Hood
A Tough new Front Look for your Hammer