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Mini-Mag 5-Slot Beadlock

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These simple beadlocks are designed to offer the scale truck builders a solution for small 1.55 AND 1.7 tire installation, stock looks, and good tire tuck under the fenders.

These wheels will fit in the same places as the RC4wd 1.55 wagon beadlocks, but our rims are wider by a full 3mm on the INSIDE bead, and the same spacing on the wheel face. This means the tire will fit more square on the sidewall, reduce puffy foam issues, and make a more realistic tire tread print. We really like the results! The rim design alone and wider mount width will draw the tire into the truck, instead of pushing it out.

Shown here on Dana's Chevy Skeleton build, with a 1.55 Rock Crusher locked on, and installed with an Axial SCX10 hex on a K44 axle. Even with the tiny Tamiya Clod body and no fender extensions there's easily over half tire coverage for Class 1 rules.

As GCM Racing Wheel users have come to expect, we include a full brake rotor for 12mm mounting, and hex hardware with every order. The rotor and wheel combo is tucked into the axle as much as physically possible to create that stock wheel look. These will mount on all the VP scale 8 degree hubs, as well as SCX-10, Ascender, and RC4wd axle knuckles. We've tried just about everything to make sure they will tuck in and fit with your current equipment.

The picture shown here includes the PitBull 1.55 Growler, the Baja 1.7 Claw, and the Rock Crusher 1.55 installed on the Mini-Mag slot wheel.

Need a spare? We sell these in SINGLE units only, so you can order 4 to complete your truck, or 5 units to get a spare as well! Get a couple for your trailer build at the same time for ultimate matching.

Includes all hex hardware, wheel components, and the 12mm Hex-drive rotor.
Price is
per wheel. 4 required for a full set.

**Fitment note: This wheel will contact the VP Wraith knuckle
>>LINK<< at the steering bar screw. A simple grind there on the knuckle will clear the wheel easily**

Watch the assembly video here below:

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