Ascender TI Steering Links- SSD119

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Detail Image

Titanium Steering Links for Ascender

Titanium steering links
Internal thread
Direct fit onto Vaterra Ascender WB4 314mm wheelbase (Blazer)

The Ascender assembly manual shows the drag/lower steering link as 90mm long.
However, it is actually 91.5mm long. So this kit includes a 90mm link and a 1.5mm spacer just in case
Vaterra change it to 90mm in future releases.
This link set is not suitable for Ascender WB2 290mm wheelbase (K10).

Diameter: 5.0mm
Internal thread: M3

1 X 90mm Titanium link
1 X 38mm Titanium link
1 X 1.5mm Titanium spacer
4 X M3 x 12mm threaded rod

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