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GCM #tinytrucks and GCM Racing is a day operated business located in the Eastern Timezone in North America. We are open for from 9am to 4pm Eastern Time from Monday to Friday.

Our Customer Service E-mail can be used 24 hours, 7 days a week, and we will respond to most or all e-mails within 48 hours depending on volume.

Call: (613)-797-8525
GCM Racing
Arnprior, Ontario

GCM Chassis - Factory Built Image
We build lots of stuff: Full scale trucks, Custom chassis setups, 3d printed parts, and many Slider chassis setups.
In this section you'll find our hand built chassis offerings, all our setups, lovingly built by GCM, and ready for you to finish.
DELTΔ Chassis Parts and Kits Image
It's all new. It's designed to be competitive. It's intended for 3 wheelbase settings. It's GCM.

DELTΔ is an all new platform for shorter wheelbase trucks. We've aimed it at competitive geometry, low center of gravity, and fully scaled drivetrain. The best combination of small, strong, and predictability.
CMAX Chassis Parts and Kits Image
This chassis has been developed to offer exceptional scale performance and huge adjustability, and it's also got setups available for Link front and Link rear to assemble individually or together. Either in the 4x4 version, there's wheelbase adjustment, and spring hanger settings to get your wheelbase perfect, and match the stance of your build.

The GCM CMAX Chassis parts and Combo Kits are a scale and tough leaf spring OR Coil component set that will assemble a strong and reliable truck frame and drivetrain to look great and keep repairs out of the schedule.

CMAX houses a full scale driveline including dropped front axle outputs at the right or left side, and included overdrive front axle Tcase.
J2 Skeleton Chassis Parts and Kits Image
Here's where you'll find the Combos and parts for the J2 Skeleton Chassis lineup. There's rails, mounts, skids, J2 Link kits, and more!
Check out the Ultimate Combo Lineup for the J2 Skeleton Chassis. This setup will be a direct fit for your Skeleton Chassis with the specific Axle you want to hang under it! Links, brackets, and all is included on the Ultimate combo setups.

For less complete kits, there's still the Combo Kit, as well as individual items to complete a previously started build.
TMX and NC Truck Axle Parts Image
We love SLS nylon axle housings and have been using these since 2014! This is a section showing the parts for each axle housing we service.
Tamiya 1/14 Semi Trucks Image
Tamiya makes amazing scale trucks for the 1/14 size semi truck and trailer hobby, and we're adding some more scale realism and performance to the trucks with these great parts.
Element RC Parts Image
Element RC was begun by the great team at Associated, and their rig has been a trail crusher! We love this platform for the quality of components and value, and have developed some parts to make it even better.
SCX-10 Truck Stuff Image
From Custom SCX builds, to stocker upgrades, GCM has parts and Combos that will get you driving fast with maximum performance. Check out these complete SCX upgrade kits, as well as a great line of performance upgrade parts.
TF2 and Marlin Image
TF2 and Marlin Chassis platforms from RC4wd are available worldwide and provide a solid base for scale truck building. We're adding to that building experience with these fresh items to lead your RC4wd truck down the scale drivetrain path with bolt on bits.
Vaterra Ascender Trucks Image
The Vaterra Ascender has become a popular Kit and RTR, with a full steel Ladder Frame, adjustable wheel base, 2 speed options, and great scale looks. Unfortunately, there's no room for a full scale interior on the stock kit, so GCM has come up with options to correct this, as well as some of the bad link geometry. There's now full scale setup options available for this great kit through GCM, and performance gains as well!
Check out our new Leaf Spring mounts kit for the trucks in Stage 1 or Stage 2, Aluminum bumper mounts, and Bronco Bumpers, as well as a new Diff input shaft to facilitate ANY of the common 5mm driveshaft options.
Drivetrain Parts Image
GCM Offers only the toughest Chassis and Drivetrain components to keep your scale trucks running. From TTC to Scale Comp drivers, we have you covered for maintenance free running in any conditions.

Beadlock Wheels and Hubs Image
For the small tire guys, we have the Mini-Mag series which will beadlock any 1.55 and 1.7 rims with full scale details and easy axle fitment.
And don't forget scale hubs to match!

Vaterra Twin Hammer Buggy Image
The new addition of the Vaterra Twin Hammer to the scale buggy market has been exciting! GCM has taken the VTH to the next level with our scale parts and performance enhancing additions, to bring your Hammer to a realistic and competitive level.

Check out the Twin Hammers Product Videos
Here at this link.

All of our Twin Hammer body and interior parts are now available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link ! You may be able to save on shipping and order time by using this method for ordering.
SSD-RC Mini-Store Image
GCM is pleased to offer quality parts and designs from SSD-RC in the UK.

SSD-RC currently offers beadlock wheels, AR60 upgrades, and Axial Yeti and SCX parts as well. Stay watch for new items for Ascenders and check out the general scale items also!
Shirts and Stickers Image
We've got some GCM sticker packs and all sizes of shirts to decorate you and your rigs!