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TF2 Scale Trans Mounts Kit

TF2 Scale Trans Mounts Kit Image

Made specifically for the TF2 trucks, this new kit will drop in our scale driveline (NOT included in this mounts only kit)

This kit will allow a bolt in #0357 Universal scale driveline combo from GCM.

Included in this combo is the following:
1x Right and left Motor plate mounts for TF2 chassis
1x Transmission Tcase Crossmember made for LRT2 and TF2 chassis
1x NEW front servo mount included.

*This servo mount install requires the front right spring mount screw and nut to be switched around. The screw must be INside the frame and the nut OUTside the frame for proper fitment.
Most bumper posts will have to be trimmed to fit behind the factory bumper mount.

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