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Rear Axle Portal Delete Kit for TRX-4 - SSD243

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CNC machined aluminum rear lockouts

Anodized black

Hardened steel stub axles

Fits stock TRX-4 rear axle case

Fits stock TRX-4 rear shafts

Fits stock TRX-4 hexes

Reduces the ride height by 13mm

Lowers center of gravity (CoG)

Improves stability

Increases speed

Track width is reduced by 12mm (6mm each side)


1 pair aluminum rear lockouts (Black)

1 pair steel stub axles


2 X 10 x 15 x 4mm bearings

2 X 6 x 13 x 5mm bearings


4 * M3 x 5mm screws


This kit changes the direction the wheels spin.

Body will need to be raised a few holes on the body posts.

Bumpers can be raised by flipping the bumper mounts on the chassis.

Matching front kit is also available (SSD00245)

Aluminum hexes are available (SSD00202)

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