Pro44 Complete Front Axle Kit - SSD281

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Pro44 Complete Front Axle for SCX10 II

Scale design and assembly
Injection molded nylon main housing
Removable diff cover
Metal bearing holders
Removable heavy metal axle tubes
CNC machined aluminum C hubs (SSD00145)
CNC machined aluminum knuckles (SSD00144)
CNC machined aluminum link mounts (SSD00159)
CNC machined hardened steel locker (SSD00196)
CNC machined hardened steel gears, 8T/30T ratio same as stock SCX10 II (SSD00181)
CNC machined hardened steel CVD axle shafts (SSD00219)
Same size as stock SCX10 II AR44 axle
Same link mount locations as stock SCX10 II axle
Direct fit onto SCX10 II chassis

Weight: 200g

Pro44 Center housing
2 X Metal bearing holders
2 X Diff covers
2 X Metal front axle tubes
Aluminum C hubs (left & right)
Aluminum knuckles (left & right)
2 X Aluminum link mounts
2 X front axle CVD shafts
Steel locker
30T Ring gear
8T Pinion gear shaft

1 * 5 x 14 x 5
2 * 7 x 14 x 3.5
5 * 5 x 11 x 4
2 * 10 x 15 x 4

10 * M2 x 5mm cap head
3 * M2 x 8mm cap head
4 * M2.5 x 8mm cap head
4 * M3 x 5mm button head
2 * M3 x 4mm button head
4 * Brass sleeves
4 * M3 x 10mm button head
5 * M3 x 12mm button head
3 * M3 x 14mm button head
1 * M3 x 20mm button head
1 * M3 x 25mm button head
4 * M2.6 x 11mm cap head

Heavy metal diff covers are available black (SSD00227), silver (SSD00214) & red (SSD00216)
Knuckle weights are available (SSD00140)
Titanium steering lins are available (SSD00212)
Diamond center section is available (SSD00226)

Installation instructions can be downloaded
Here At This Link.

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