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K44 Panhard 3rd Link Kit

K44 Panhard 3rd Link Kit Image
Detail Image
Detail Image

This is the new K44 axle Panhard and 3rd link mount from the GCM Skeleton Chassis. This will mount to the spring perch of the frame and eliminates the long cross top bar on the K44 Link kit from RC4wd.
It cleans up the axle so much, and allows a straight top link for better geometry to the frame.
The Panhard frame bracket (left of pictures) has 2 holes with 8mm spacing and can be bolted to many chassis kits to let you line up your K44 axle and GCM Panhard/3rd link axle mount just perfectly.

Also works great on the Yota Axle and D35 axle combinations from RC4wd when building custom trucks.

This is part of the J2 K44 Link Kit also available here at GCM.

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