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Vaterra Ascender Trucks

Vaterra Ascender Trucks Image
The Vaterra Ascender has become a popular Kit and RTR, with a full steel Ladder Frame, adjustable wheel base, 2 speed options, and great scale looks. Unfortunately, there's no room for a full scale interior on the stock kit, so GCM has come up with options to correct this, as well as some of the bad link geometry. There's now full scale setup options available for this great kit through GCM, and performance gains as well!
Check out our new Leaf Spring mounts kit for the trucks in Stage 1 or Stage 2, Aluminum bumper mounts, and Bronco Bumpers, as well as a new Diff input shaft to facilitate ANY of the common 5mm driveshaft options.
Vaterra Ascender Trucks
Ascender Diff Input Shaft Image

Ascender Diff Input Shaft
Get rid of the plastic shafts

Vaterra VTR232073 Image

Vaterra VTR232073
New in Bag Replacements

Bronco Rear Bumper Mounts Image

Bronco Rear Bumper Mounts
Fits Ascender and Bronco Scale Bumpers