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J2 Skeleton Basic Chassis Combo

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- See our Skeleton Chassis Parts listing for Panhard kits and link kits, or get the ULTIMATE Combo for an axle-ready kit. -

Watch the Assembly videos Here at this link

This GCM designed chassis setup will satisfy your performance and scale truck build all in one shot!
With many setup options, this Coil-Over shock and link frame set is designed to fit your Axial SCX 3-Gear transmission, in harmony with our GCM 1:1 Transfer Case. It's been tested using K44 and Yota 2 Axles (from RC4WD), Axial SCX2 axles, and GCM TMX Axles with easy fit and great suspension movement, but can be adapted to many other parts as well. This chassis design is optimized for Panhard and 3link front suspension setups, with
driver's side drop front axle housing and top link, a common modern setup.
This J2 Chassis was designed specifically for the E-Bay 2dr JK Rubicon (with opening doors), because it required a special frame profile to match the full scale interior in the new 2dr JK body. With a perfect fit available, there's no limit to the JK 2dr setups you can achieve using this Skeleton J2 chassis! We have also checked the body fit for Tamiya Clodbuster and a Toyota Hilux body with great fitment. The long box Hilux will hang off the end of the framerails, but a shortened rear Toyota bed is a perfect fit also!
Using the J2 Chassis with this great JK hardbody, you can also add on just about any of the popular aftermarket SCX Rail mounting bumper options with little effort. We trimmed down the long mounting brackets on these RC4WD Rampage bumpers (shown in our pictures) and they mounted inside the J2 rails just perfectly for a super scale look!
Along with the usual Delrin center skid plate, GCM 1:1 Transfer Case, hex hardware, Chassis rails, adjustable bolt-on rear shock tower plates, and Front Axial Motor/Trans mount, there's also a DUAL servo mount option up front! This little unit holds everything together up front and allows an offset Frame mounted steering servo AND another front center mounted servo for spool winches. If you don't want to use the second servo mount for a winch, then it doubles as an electronics tray instead!
With a linked adjustable wheelbase From 10.5 inches to 13 inches, there's a setup for you here. We also offer options for link kits (sold separately) for J2 Frame/K44/Yota2/TMX axle setups to help you build your 2dr JK hardbody with ease and no body modifications at all.
The J2 Chassis setup works great with 60-75mm rear shock sizes and 60-90mm front shock sizes, We recommend shorter shocks in the rear to keep the wheels tucked in and have no body modifications when using the 2dr Hardbody.

Includes the following parts:
2 Aluminum frame rails
1 Front Axial trans/motor mount
1 GCM 1:1 T-Case Complete kit
1 Delrin Center
FLATSKID plate with lower link and T-Case mounts
1 Front Servo Mount with Dual Servo Mount option
1 Front Electronics/Battery Tray option (replaces Dual Servo Mount)
2 Bolt on adjustable Rear Shock tower plates
Full hex hardware for assembly

All parts and all hardware are BLACK.

Body and bumper and battery mount options
available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link !

You must provide a set of truck Axles, and an Axial transmission, electronics, etc to build a complete truck.

If your Transfer Case is too tight after assembly, knock the end of the shaft with a quick tap on all 3 shafts. This works GREAT to seat the bearings in the case.

- See our Skeleton Chassis Parts listing for Panhard kits and link kits, or get the ULTIMATE Combo for an axle-ready kit. -

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