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Ascender Diff Input Shaft

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Detail Image

Assembly video here:

This is a CNC machined Ascender Axle input shaft that replaces the CVD shaft input plug. We made these out of axle grade steel to ensure you can put any amout of abuse you wish on the thing and it won't fail.

Replacing your stock CVD plug is simple. Take apart the stock axle, insert the new input shaft from the outside, reinstall the pinion gear with the NEW included screw, and put the axle back together. That's it.

Now finally you can use a standard 5mm driveshaft for the Ascender trucks and there's no limit to size or fitment.

Fits Ascender Axles, replaces the CVD input cup, allows standard 5mm driveshaft use on the Ascender Axle setups. Direct replacement

1 Axle Grade Steel diff input shaft
1 Pinion gear retainer screw

5mm standard slider driveshafts. Stock Ascender driveshafts can not be used with this input shaft.

**Additional Driveshaft Tech Info**
We recommend these direct fit Junfac Shaft numbers for these setups:
-Blazer wheelbase, stock trans or GCM Tcase, #J90028 and #J90029 (same parts, different number)
-Bronco wheelbase, stock trans or GCM Tcase, #J90023

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