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CMAX Chassis Basic Combo Kit

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Are you ready for a new Scale truck build? Here's a really solid setup ready to accept your build and completion. Our new CMAX Combo Kit will let you start a scale represented RC Model build with a full ladder frame, C-channel design, with a Steel geared scale driveline and transfer case, along with EPIC amounts of adjustment.
We've set up this rail set to allow the drivetrain to slide forward and aft a total of over 30mm. The front servo mount adjustment is another 20mm, so you can match up your body and equipment alignment perfectly with NO strength compromise or extra parts.

Scale Motors are available to slide over your 540 size motor Here at this link.
Body and bumper and battery mount options available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link.

This CMAX Chassis Basic Combo includes all the essence of a Scale Truck build. In your package you'll find the following items:

Left and Right Chassis Rails, 19.7 inches long
Front Servo Mount
Front 540 size Motor Mount Plate
GCM LowRange Scale Transmission, Steel Gear, 14.3 Gear Ratio
LRT2 Transfer Case, 1.11 Overdrive Front Output
Transfer Case Cross Member
Frame Center Cross Member
Frame Rear Cross Member/Rear Shock Mount
Includes All Hex Hardware, 12t Pinion Gear for 1/8 motor shaft, All steel drivetrain gears and shafts, and all aluminum mounts and rails.

This kit does NOT contain leaf spring mounts, link mounts, or shock towers.

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