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CMAX TMX Front Link Set

CMAX TMX Front Link Set Image

To use our CMAX chassis with coil springs and link suspension, we have set up link kits for the best geometry and positioning in the chassis.

** This front link set will work for all our wheelbase setups, as the front axle position remains the same for all linked wheelbase setups. **

We have specifically designed our link sets to match the CMAX chassis and specific axle types.
This kit will set up your CMAX front link suspension using our CMAX link Plates, and TM8 front axle housing.

This front link kit comes with stainless steel link shafts and tight plastic rod ends. Simply thread the rod end on the stainless link shaft to the end of the threaded portion, and your link size should be perfect for the front end.

Check your bag packaging for the link lengths and positions.

Each order includes:
Rod ends for all links
Lower front link x 2
Upper front link x 1
Front Track Bar link x 1
Front Track Bar Spacer x 1

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