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Enduro Servo Bumper Mount

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This solid billet machined aluminum mount allows direct replacement for the stock front bumper mount, and gives a SERIOUS increase to the frame ridgidity in this truck.

Moving the servo to the front cross frame position allows a center battery tray mount to be used, or a full scale trans replacement (available from GCM) and scale engine cover installation. The hardware included with this servo mount also includes new shock tower nuts, so the plastic servo mount can be removed and the steel nuts placed on the shocktower mounts. This again will dramatically increase the strength of the front end suspension on the Enduro platform.

No changes will be made to the steering or suspension with this servo mount. The servo position height is retained, and the horn placed back on the servo 2 teeth off center, and it all performs perfectly.

1x solid aluminum machined servo mount with bumper mount holes
All hex hardware and shock tower nuts.

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