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LRT Scale Trans for Tamiya Semi

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Watch the installation video below:

We've loved the Tamiya Semi trucks for a long time, and now it's going scale on the driveline!
With the proven record of the LRT transmission from GCM, used in 8 different chassis setups, we're adding the Tamiya Semi truck to the list!

The stock Tamiya trans uses a 2nd gear ratio of 17:1 and our transmission offers 14:1, so the truck drives just like 2nd gear! We have run these in our test trucks with a few different motor setups, and they pull very well. A quality motor and low KV or high turn is recommended. Here's our favorite so far

The simple install will fit in the same space as the original 3speed, and have a lower CG, more free space, and maintain the stock driveshaft and alignment. Installation will require you to drill 2 holes in the lower frame, drill bit is included.

1x LRT scale transmission
1x under-frame crossmember
1x pinion gear for LRT
All installation hardware
#44 drill bit

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