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ReGrind 1.9 Beadlock Rims

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** Please contact GCM for availability by custom order only.**

Introducing the GCM ReGrind Beadlock 1.9 wheel for scale trucks and buggies. A solid locking rim design that holds any tire, and brings up the looks of any rig.

Using our current rock solid beadlock design, with the full size internal locking ring, and the back beadlock removable ring, we are offering this new face design, stuffed full of 18 tiny black screws all around the outside rim and 6 solid rotor-mounting screws around the middle. And there's just enough room in the hub center to fit your favorite axle locking hub or other scale nut to top off the looks.

The rim mounts as a real tucked in setup allowing a scale rim on a scale truck body with out the sometimes typical trade off of good looks and bad offset. These tuck right in, the same spacing you'd find using a 1.9 axial rim and a 4mm hex. Nice and tucked, although for strength, we've eliminated the hex altogether, and run the rotor right off the hex pin, so there's one less thing to do. Just slip off the hex, bag it for later, slip on the new rotor, and now get out your GCM wheel of choice.

Thanks to the 4 pc, 3 step manufacturing technique and the insane amount of machine work these have required, we are only offering these as a very limited time offer. Basically there's going to be a pre-order, a full production run and delivery, and likely never again. But, thanks to their great looks, we can all share in a great wheel for at least some limited production.

It's as easy as 1,2,3 with these beadlocks. Simple assembly starts with putting the silver lock ring in your tire center, then slide in the front face, and then bolt on the back lock ring! Done! Mount your rotor and wheel, and get out on the trails!
Each rim set comes unassembled as shown below, and includes all new hex hardware for the assembly. 4 units are required per truck.

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