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Scale Beadlock 1.9 SPARE Pre-Order

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Here's the newest offering from GCM Racing, our brand new 5slot and 8hole beadlock Spare Wheels, but with a true to life clean look.

We are offering 3 versions of these wheels at this time. They include 5 slot - 6 bolt dish, 5 slot - 5 bolt dish, and 8 hole - 5 bolt dish rims. This ensures your scale truck could have the axle bolt pattern match the real thing, be it on a Jeep or Chev or Ford or Toyota.

Need a spare? Here it is. This includes NO rotor and NO internal beadlock ring, just the wheel face and rear beadlock ring. This lets you mount a spare tire as stock and have nothing left around on the bench, and more money in your pocket!

Includes all hex hardware, wheel components, and the pin-drive rotor. Black centers available by custom order only through GCM.
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per wheel.

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