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GCM Wheel Spacers 3mm

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This simple 6-bolt 3mm wide spacer fits between the rotor and the wheel on the GCM wheel sets.
This spacer has a key role in using zero ackerman steering or high clearance knuckles and GCM rims. Our rims are designed to tuck IN to the body as much as physically possible, and now with these 3mm thick spacers you can make the truck wider, bringing the wheels OUT on the axle.
This comes into play when (for instance) using our Mini-Mag rims on the Ascender trucks. With no spacer, the rim tucks right in under the body, but then with some tires may rub on the steering tierod under the truck. This spacer will bring OUT the wheel just enough to get that steering rod clearance and have a perfect fit.
As an added benefit, the spacer also leaves the perfect amount of thread on the axle shaft for our GCM scale hub nuts!
ALL of the GCM 6 bolt wheels from any era will fit these spacers.
We included new 3/8 long hex hardware for these spacers to get the perfect length screws needed.
If you would like to get scale hardware for these GCM spacers on GCM rims, you'll need to ask for 2-56 thread and 3/8 inch long.

Each order includes 4 spacers and hardware for each.

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