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Black GCM LOCK Scale Hub Set

Black GCM LOCK Scale Hub Set Image
Detail Image
Detail Image

Now in Black finish with lapped polished faces!
Watch the Assembly video below:

Any scale truck needs a set of nice hubs. For all the trucks we've built finding a nice small scale sized hub/nut is very hard... and getting them to stay on the truck is difficult sometimes also!

GCM has tackled the task with this great little Combo hub that threads on like a nut, but gives true scale looks! Each hub has
5mm long of M4 thread inside, all contained inside the hub with no removable parts or extra nuts buried inside. Just a simple, straight, solid machined aluminum nut with great scale looks. You can see in our pictures there's a black finish to the inside details, which you can add by your self (not included) using a simple black paint, and just wipe away any excess to leave the great details finished with black to stand out! These tiny hubs are only 9mm around, and only 7mm tall in total, compared to 10.5mm around and 11.7mm tall for RC4wd yota hubs.

Most likely you will have to cut off your axle stub shaft to get this to fit on nicely. Most scale truck axles have very long threaded shafts and these small scale hubs only accept 5mm of thread max. You can crank these nuts on to your axles with a simple 5/16 or 8mm regular socket and hand driver, no problem, and if you have any concern, use some Blue LockTite Gel for a bonding agent to keep them tight for the long trails ahead.

Each kit includes a left and right for the front and rear, a matching set. These come in Black with a silver face on the front hubs.

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