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SCX3 Hex Pair 300 - Silver

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It's just a hex, but it's better!
Do you have a favorite set of wheels to use, but they don't fit over the SCX3 portal ends? This may help.
The stock hex is only 4.7mm wide, and we've increased the width to 7.64mm, meaning you're favorite rims may now fit on the truck! It also allows the use of SMT monster truck rims. These are of course made right here at GCM in billet T6 aluminum with a clean finish.
This is a listing for one pair of SCX3 Hexes. You get 2 of the 12mm hex in a 0.300 inch 7.6mm wide variety. There's still plenty of thread sticking out for your wheel nut as well.
The stock hex on the SCX3 has only one hole in the center, to fit the larger shaft diameter at the base, and we've added a step inside the hex to make it more stable on the axle shaft. Certainly this is a benefit when using larger tires, like SMT size for custom builds.

2 Hex, 0.300in wide.

Uses stock mounting hardware.

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