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HERO Frame Insert Kit

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Made just perfectly for the JD models HERO chassis, this kit offers several unique benefits for the HERO frame builds.

Check out the video below for tons of information and assembly instructions:

First off, this kit will let you install a GCM LRT2 scale transmission in your HERO frame. That's awesome if you want to do a scale engine bay, get some lower gearing for great scale crawling, and get OVERDRIVE on the front axle already built in with no new gears to install! Great stuff for a long wheelbase truck like these! Add the GCM LRT2 transmission from this page: LRT2 TRANSMISSION LINK (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Second, the kit here will tell you exactly where to cut your HERO frame to assemble in 2 additional wheelbase configurations! There's a scribe line for the base front frame cut, and then a 2nd line for a 313mm wheelbase assembly, and a 3rd line for a 287mm wheelbase setup! AWESOME! and it all just bolts back together after the cut. Hardware is included for all these setups.

Right and left side rail inserts with fully threaded M3 machined holes
All hex hardware for mounting all wheelbase options
LRT2 Tcase crossmember and hardware
Right and Left front motor plate adapters for HERO frame

*NOTE: Complete your setup with the LRT2 Transmission here:

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