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CMAX2 Rear Shock Mounts

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Detail Image

CMAX2 has a completely flat rear frame rail profile, and the rear outboard shock mounts help keep the weight low and make TONS of interior and flatbed space out back.
The chassis design on CMAX2 allows for 2 rear shock mount positions, matching the designed 313mm and 323mm wheelbase options.
The solid machined aluminum parts are feature full, having a reversible design that offsets the shock mount 1.5mm over or under center. If you are using coil over shocks, you can level the rear of the vehicle with a simple shock mount flip giving you a 3mm change in rear ride height.
When using the ST2 axles from GCM, you can also convert the rear suspension to a coil/shock split setup with the help of the threaded hole mid-block. This lines up with the mounting post on the axle to allow bolt on spring cups and coil pads.
Black anodize finish

Includes 1x left and 1x right side shock mount, M3 hardware for the frame and M2.5 hardware for the upper shock eye.

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