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CMAX2 Ultimate Combo Kit

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This Ultimate Combo Kit includes everything from the Basic Combo, meaning you've got the whole frame, drivetrain, and center mounts included. The Ultimate kit adds the front and rear shock towers as well, for a bunch of savings again!
The frame length is 500mm long, 19.7 inches, and 67.5mm wide outside, making this the perfect flat chassis choice for pickup beds, cargo carrying, interior trays, and much more. With no upright shock towers in the rear, and the recommended short shocks, there's lots of room for building scale bodywork and interiors above.
This kit is ready for your axles, links, and shocks. The included shock towers hold M2.5 screws for top shock mounts, making them a perfect match for the ECX213000 shock set, which we love to use on our scale builds. There's tons of material available if you have to drill out the holes for M3 screws and larger shocks if need be! We've left the options up to you on the axle choice, link assembly, and body mounting. This Ultimate kit will get you all the bones you need to have a flat back frame and scale driveline setup ready to drive all day and look great.
All machined parts are black anodized, and hardware is black 12.9 tempered.

Here's the downloadable assembly manual for CMAX2 >>CMAX2 Assembly Manual Download<<

1x Left rail and 1x Right rail, 500mm long, 19.7 inches
2x front shock towers
1x Track Bar mount
1x Complete LRT2 Tcase, scale transmission and motor mount plate
1x Front servo mount
1x Center Tcase mount for LRT2
1x Rear crossmember
all mounting hardware

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