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CMAX2 323mm JK Slider Kit

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This is one of our favorite hardbody sets. The venerable JK Jeep has been the most recognised champion for offroad trails worldwide, and the RC community has been able to get quality hardbody sets for years. This Slider kit has tons of JK options available, like a body specific bolt on 323mm wheelbase to match the common 4dr builds, and a full mount and fender suite available as well for home printing.
(NOTE: these bodies are advertised as 313, but they do not fit 313mm wheelbase well, as they are actually 323mm spacing, and this kit is designed to match perfectly)
The new CMAX2 marries the 13mm narrower ST2 axles to bring the wheels in to the body for that proper scale truck look, without limiting performance and tire size. We're happily running a 4.3 inch size tire on this Orange build, and it's got full steering and travel while keeping a road legal look.
The chassis on this kit is shortened by 28.5mm to fit the scant rear overhang on the body, and still have perfect chassis fitment overall. This is shorter than the other CMAX2 kits we offer.
With this Slider Kit you get a giant pile of stuff to build... There's a complete set of left drop Jeep 44 ST2 axles from GCM, sporting Aluminum knuckles, 49deg steering Uni front shafts, 6 bolt lockers, and SCX2 compatible gearing. The center drivetrain includes our LRT2 Low Range Scale transmission and OverDrive Tcase, and we've paired it all together with a stainless steel link kit, steel center driveshafts, and oil filled shocks. It's a complete slider kit ready for you to build up, and it's super easy to mount.

We have designed an exact mount kit for the JK 4dr body (Injora style) and CMAX2 This extensive kit includes front mount clip, rear hinge sockets, side slider mounts and battery tray, center skid plate, front inner fenders, and rear fender inserts. This is available for download to our Builder's Group on Patreon. For a low cost you can have interactive access to all our downloadable STL mount files including the new CMAX2 items, and ST2 accessories. New chassis and accessory parts are available for this group on a regular basis. Link in to the Builder's Group is shown >>HERE<< and thanks for becoming part of our GCM community!

Here's the downloadable assembly manual for CMAX2 >
>CMAX2 Assembly Manual Download<<

All aluminum parts are black anodized, and hardware is black 12.9 tempered.

1x ST2 Front left drop axle set, complete with 3.75:1 high pinion gearing, all steel internals, aluminum knuckles
1x ST2 Steering link set for CMAX2
1x Front Link kit
1x Left rail and 1x Right rail, shortened by 28.5mm, 471.5mm long, 18.6 inches
1x Track Bar mount
1x Front servo mount
2x front shock towers
2x Front oil filled coil over shocks
1x Complete LRT2 OverDrive Tcase, scale transmission and motor mount plate
1x Front driveshaft
1x Rear driveshaft for 323mm wheelbase
1x Center Tcase mount for LRT2
1x Rear crossmember
2x Rear shock tower mounts
2x Rear oil filled coil over shocks
1x ST2 Rear centered axle set, complete with 3.75:1 high pinion gearing, all steel internals
1x 323mm rear link kit
all mounting hardware

Optional machined parts for this kit:
Not included,
Front JK Winch Bumper
Rear JK bumper
Bumper adapter set

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