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M-Series Centerline 1.5 Wheels

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After some conversation and longing for a nice scale wheel with 'extras' the JKRC team and GCM Racing have brought together aluminum, CNC machines, and innovation. And we present, the M-Series Centerline rims, with adjustable offset. (... Also makes a great setup your Offroad 1.55 tires for Scale Truck or Trailer ...)

From Design to Finished goods, these wheels have a dual purpose. First, they must be a direct fit for M-Series and 12mm Hex mounting, and second, they must be adjustable for offset changes. The latter feature also allows for narrowing and widening the rim on demand, something that just isn't offered any where else.

As you can see, the wheel is assembled in sections, and these sections allow the component stacking order to be changed at will. If you want zero offset, then use as shown. If you want 3.5 or 7mm offset, then simply change the order of the assembly. There's nothing to it, no extra components are needed. Just a #1 phillips screwdriver, and about 1 minute.

The hardware is 2-56 flathead stainless steel screws, and hold the layers very tightly with no effort. All the aluminum parts are protected by a tough anodize finish, making tire removal and gluing easy so you can reuse these rims long after your tires wear out. And with the aluminum and stainless hardware the whole wheel is a surprisingly light combo ready to race.

Each wheel order contains parts for
ONE wheel, and includes the following parts:
1- outer wheel lip
1- center wheel dish
2- offset rings
1- inner wheel lip
5- stainless screws for assembly

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