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This is the ULTIMATE chassis for your 4dr NewBright Jeep Body buildup.
The CrossCanyon kit comes with our front mount transmission-motor plate, the GCM transfer case, skidplate, servo mount, and CrossCanyon frame rails, and the ULTIMATE Combo adds a full JK/Axial SCX2 Link kit, for a complete donor-ready setup, and a perfect match to your JK 4dr Hardbody from NewBright.
There's always lots of room for your interior with the motor and trans up front, and the Axial Trans and SCX2 Truck Axles you provide will give you great durability.

Each CrossCanyon ULTIMATE Combo includes the following:
1 CrossCanyon Frame rail set with hex hardware
1 Front Servo Mount
1 Front Frame Panhard L Bracket
1 Front Motor/Axial Trans Mount
1 Delrin Black center skid plate
1 GCM 1:1 Transfer Case Complete Kit
1 CC-SCX2 Complete Steel Link Kit with Rod Ends

Works great with:
-Stock SCX2 steering linkages
-Our Shapeways Body Mount Kit FOUND HERE
-Front 75mm shocks
-rear Dinky R/C Cantilever or 60mm shocks

If your Transfer Case is too tight after assembly, knock the end of the shaft with a quick tap on all 3 shafts. This works GREAT to seat the bearings in the case.

Check this link here for info and setup tips and videos.

Your Price:C$235.00