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VTH Rear Axle Truss

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Check out the Twin Hammers Product Videos Here at this link.

The best fix for the Twin Hammer twist. GCM's rear axle Truss for the VTH.
With the new truss and a 5 minute install, you can get your torque twist down to a bare minimum on any Twin Hammer rig. This new unit replaces the 2 plastic top link mounts and adds scale appearance as well.
The solid machined billet aluminum part comes with a new top bolt to attach your top links. We recommend you use the lower mount holes at the FWD side of the top links, and then add the GCM Twin Truss for the top shelf performance you'd be expecting.
By correcting the slack suspension geometry on the back of the Twin Hammer, we've got the truck laying flat under power.. by just translating the power into performance, instead of twist! That's simple! and the truss installs with the stock hardware, so there's nothing to add. Just open the kit, crank your allen wrench, and get back on the trails.

Each kit includes one Twin Truss and new hex hardware for the link mount.

** Now only available in SILVER finish **

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