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VTH Scale Interior Kit

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All of our Twin Hammer body and interior parts are now available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link ! You may be able to save on shipping and order time by using this method for ordering.

Check out the Twin Hammers Product Videos Here at this link.

Knowing the following that the new Twin Hammer has created, we can tell the lexan stock interior is going to be tossed out by many drivers. It's a decent scale start, but without the level of detail a discerning builder requires. GCM answered this call for detail in the new VTH Interior Kit.

With a super tough nylon main part, and ultra detailed additional components, the GCM kit allows for a builder to paint up and detail the kit any way you like, and still keep in the Hammer Buggy theme. From the dash pod and shifter, to the badge plate or battery caps, there's details here that inspire a full Hammer buggy build front to back! And there's room in the drivers' side to fit a wraith seat and your steering wheel of choice.

The main nylon base comes in white nylon, and accepts lexan paint as a perfect base and low gloss. After your base coat of lexan paint, or other plastics paint, you can detail it out with Testors or other modelling paints and get stunning results. There's even a pre-made 5mm LED hole in the dash to let yoy backlight it to perfection!

Assembly is easy as adding ShooGoo or Goop for an adhesive, or another plastics compatible glue. Hotglue also works great, and is easy to use. Add some decals and a driver, and run up your scale points with this high level kit.

Don't think you can't get out for a bash with this interior! It's tough! We have beaten and pounded these on a couple of rigs and there's no signs of stress anywhere. Side impacts, rollovers, and bad landings are no problem with the new kit components.

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