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VTH Rock Buggy Hood

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All of our Twin Hammer body and interior parts are now available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link ! You may be able to save on shipping and order time by using this method for ordering.

Check out the Twin Hammers Product Videos Here at this link.

Along with the goodness of the GCM Hammer Roof and Interior Kits, we offer this incredible Hood.

It's incredible how much such a simple part can set off the whole rig! This new unit is ready to install on any VTH and makes way more usable room up front for batteries and other goodies.. like a servo winch!

With an improved nose angle and front light pods, the new look says 'Full Buggy Ready!' This change compliments the stock tube work brings the look from RTR to serious build! And if you use the GCM Front Tower Plate, you can also use the hood as a front hinged battery door with no extra hardware, just flip and go, and easily fit 2 stock Hammer batteries for double the run time!

Made from the same tough nylon as the proven roof and interior parts, this new hood is slightly more ridgid than the Roof part, holding it's shape under everyday running, but may crack with certain impacts. It also acts as a great battery cage for those of us using a front loading battery tray. Protection and access at the same time! Add 2 front LEDs in the included light pods to finish the look.

This item is now shipped in BLACK NYLON, as one color.

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