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Yeti A-13 Rear Axle

Yeti A-13 Rear Axle Image
Detail Image
Detail Image

Check out the video below to see the Centered Rear housing installed on the Yeti.

Designed for Yeti internal parts, not included. A-13 MetalHead Axle Housings are an all hardened aluminum axle housing set for your buggy that houses ALL the axial locker and ring gear combinations. Re-use your lower link mounts, and use our new 4link mount included on the pinion cover (centered) or axle tube (offset) for great geometry.
GCM A-13 Metalhead housings come pre-assembled to the tightest tolerance and will have to have the rear cover removed to install the diff internal parts and axle shafts.

Below is the list of parts you will get with each order:

Included in each order for a rear axle is:
2 aluminum rear bearing holders
2 aluminum axle tubes
1 aluminum center carrier
1 aluminum rear cover
1 aluminum pinion member
Centered Axle also comes with new upper links

All parts are precision assembled at GCM for perfect fit.
all hex hardware included.

Stock Offset housing option will accept all the stock links and stock internal parts, taken from your stock axle, and put into the new axle.

Rear Centered Axle Housing is also available as an option. This requires CUSTOM inner axles (not supplied, but RC4WD unit Z-S0854 works great), and some way to lock them together.
We recommend the following inner axle options, which you will have to supply. Not included.
1. RC4WD unit Z-S0854
2. Cutting off 2
long side rear inner axles, and grinding flats on them to use our LAST Locker (found in the drivetrain section).
3. Titanium CreeperBob axles
FOUND HERE AT THIS LINK from RCC forums. He will make centered axles for this housing from solid TiTanium.

We are offering upgraded oversize bearings for the pinion gear shaft on this item. We do not supply the bearings, but they are available from multiple suppliers. The size is 5 x 13 x 4 if you choose that option. We will manufacture the pinion cover to accept this bearing size and not the stock 5 x 11 x 4 size from the Yeti.

All units are BLACK finish.

**Please note, all MetalHead rear housing installations will require flipping over the front differential from CW rotation to CCW rotation in the front housing. This operation can be seen in this picture set

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