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Axial EXO Motor Mount

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Did your Axial cast metal motor mount crack or split? Well those days are over forever. Introducing the last motor mount your EXO will ever need.
We designed a special motor mount just for the EXO, with some special GCM changes to add to the use and strength of the mount.
First, the mount is a single solid hardened aluminum chunk, machined to exacting tolerances, and full thickness from one side to the other. No more thin area at the bearing seat, or slides to crack. Second, we dropped the motor by 2mm, further lowering the center of gravity of the motor, and it still can fit up to 40mm diameter motor can. Third, we added not just 2 screw slots for mounting, but a third on the outside centerline just for those big heavy motors.
Installation is as simple as removing the stock mount, switching the motor to your new GCM EXO motor mount, and replacing your mount in the chassis. We recommend fitting the mount, then setting gear mesh, and removing the mount to tighten the motor screws.
Our method of doing the gear mesh:
Place the mount in the car, no screws, with the diff in the front mount already. This lines up the mount.
2. Then simply install the motor and pinion, using the top motor screw only, and get it nicely lined up and then tighten the top motor screw.
3. Slip out the mount with the motor attached, and add/tighten the lower screw(s).
4. Install the mount as per usual with all the attaching hardware, and it's good to go.

Each kit includes:
1- new billet machined one piece motor mount
2- new chassis mounting screws
2- new top cover brace screws
3- new motor mounting screws
The mount comes ready to install, and includes new hardware. And you can put your broken mount worries behind you.

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