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Vaterra Bronco Radius Arms Kit

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Blue anodized and Laser Etched, these licensed James Duff radius arms are designed to fit only the specific axle found here at this link made for this arm. We used 3 fixtures and 7 machine operations to get the long arm and the bushing cap machined, and with a flexible diamond bushing, the radius arm maintains legitimate long arm geometry and proper suspension movement.

This conversion requires 70mm front shocks, coil springs, and the Sub Frame and Coil Bucket Set from here at this link to install properly on the Vaterra chassis.

Each order includes:
Left arm
Right arm
2 bushing caps
4 bushings, and 2 spares
2 frame side rod ends
hex hardware
Long side CVD shaft
Short side CVD shaft
Track bar for Vaterra Coil Buckets

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