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Rubicon Stage 2 Kit

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Watch the installation video below:

This Loaded Kit will give you a direct fit Link Kit from Rock Beach Customs, for your Axial Rubicon JK 4door, Ram, or Honcho build, using a 313mm wheelbase and Axial SCX axles. The result will be all steel links, with tight Traxxas #5347 Rod ends all around, as well as a full 4 Link rear and 3 Link Panhard front with a chassis mounted servo! A total suspension and steering upgrade Kit!
You get the GCM Rear Truss, GCM Front 3Link Truss, GCM Panhard kit, Front Servo Bumper Mount, and Rock Beach Customs Links for the Panhard, Servo Link, and Steering cross link!
The kit will require you to install the links as replacements for your plastic or axial link kits, as well as the front and rear Truss parts, and install the Panhard Kit.

Each Kit comes with the following:

GCM Rear Axle Truss
GCM Front Axle Truss
GCM Servo Bumper Mount
GCM Panhard Kit
Rock Beach Customs Links:
Steering Servo Drag Link x 1
Steering Tierod Link x 1
Front 3Link Upper x 1
Front Bent Panhard x 1
Front Lower Links x 2
Rear Upper 4 Links x 2
Rear Lower Links x 2
All Hex hardware required is included

All Tube links are made of steel threads and steel tubes from Rock Beach Customs. All are bare steel finish. Rod end replacements are Traxxas #5347

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