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Axial Panhard Kit

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Watch the assembly and setup video below:

This little kit gives you the most solid panhard mounting option for your Axial SCX truck or CrossCanyon Frame setup.
The lower mount on the axle fits snugly in between the mounting tabs on the axle housing, and the top plate screws right into the lower part locking instantly to the axle, and providing the strongest possible mounting area possible. This will never be broken or bent, no matter how hard you drive.
The frame bracket has 2 mounting holes to attach to the frame. On this setup shown here, we mounted one hole directly to the existing servo bracket and the second hole drilled through the frame to match, then securely attached. The link mount end of the frame bracket hangs down below the frame to secure your link end and lets you mount to the front or rear of the bracket. A simple and strong option that can be fitted to just about any frame.
Each kit includes the Axial truck axle lower mount and hex hardware, and the frame bracket. All parts are Black anodized.

Requires a matching link made by the builder, or add the link to your order below.

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