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Axial 3-Link Front Truss

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This link bolts directly to the AX-10 or SCX-10 axle housing and uses the stock mounting hardware. It will host one side mounted upper link in a super stiff setup that is attached right through both axle halves, and will keep your axle position solid on the torque axis.
This product uses a single M3 tapped hole on the flat side. This lets you mount the 3rd link on the side to increase clearance for your front motor/trans setups. This mod works perfectly with our Axial Panhard kits. Using the Panhard kit, you will not use the axle mounted servo, and this bracket does not have mount holes for the axle mounted servo plate.
Comes only in BLACK.

Please also see our Axial 4-Link Truss for dual top link setups.

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