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The SCX10 Front Motor Mount will allow you to easily mount your motor and Axial stock transmission, on the nose of the SCX10 frame, and make tons of room in the center for a Transfer Case and Interior for your custom build.
This process listed below WILL move your body posts OUTward from the center by about 12mm on each side, though. If you are in the middle of building a truck, and don't have mount holes in the body, this is no problem, but if you are re-using an existing body, you will need new body post holes to make this work. It also requires a frame mounted servo, available also at GCM, and removal of the axle mounted servo bracket.

Step 1: Remove shocks, and then Remove the shock towers, and take the left one, mounted the SAME WAY, but on the right side. Take the right side one, keeping the FWD leg to the front, and mount it on the left side. That's it.
Step 2: Re-install shocks into the REARward mount holes.
Step 3: Assemble the motor/trans on the new mount plate using the NEW plate as a replacement for the axial motor mount plate. That's it. Take off the stock plate, mount up the new plate, done.
Step 4: Slide the new mount, with trans and motor etc installed, right into the position as shown below, and insert the 4 new mount screws (provided) through the top tower at the FWD shock position and the lower front shock tower screw hole. DONE.
Optional parts required for #6 and #7 below:
Step 6: Install your favorite GCM Transfer case in place of the stock center trans. It will directly fit to the 2 outside mount holes in the skidplate.
Step 7: re-install your center FWD and Rear driveshafts on the T-Case, and then add
one more same length shaft to the T-Case up to the trans at the front.

Comes with all hex hardware and ONE front motor mount finished in silver.

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