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LRT2 Tcase for R4 Trans

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Left or Right drop, all in one case. And we made it smaller.

Finally the answer to your fixed ratio axle performance problems... this new LRT2 married Transfer Case fits on the R4 transmission and runs a centered rear output and dropped front output with built in OverDrive to get that rig turning and climbing better.

We made it tougher than ever, taking out the setscrew gear attachment and replacing the setscrews with solid steel pins to drive the gears, all the while minimizing the case space to make it as small as possible with maximum strength.

With all this goodness, you'll want to keep it for years and use this scale driveline setup in many trucks! For this reason we have made the case parts uniquely switchable from Right to Left drop with all the same parts. There's nothing more to buy, and nothing to change except the mounting screws and case plug setscrews. Just flip the case and run your Ford left drop or Toyota right drop as you wish!

This properly designed 'married' T-Case is a perfect match for the GCM motor plate setup, and fits directly on to the RC4wd R4 Scale transmission (part # Z-U0031). Using a 3 gear internal and a newly designed top gear in the trans output, this hardened and bomb proof setup will take any power your truck can handle! Designed and built at GCM with front shaft OVERDRIVE built in already, this is a super scale tough competitor in the scale truck drivetrain sector, allowing a true scale truck setup with a left or right dropped front output and a centered rear output. You can't get it easier than this. Bolt it up, get great driveline angles, and run it hard!

Each unit includes front and rear LRT-Case halves, 3 gear 32 pitch internals with hardened shafts, through-hole driveshaft mounting, hardened custom trans output gear, and all hex hardware. New bearings also included.

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