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This little unit is perfect for Custom cut axles, oversized axles, or even basic Wraith stock axles! It's a single part, solid billet aluminum machined, and has no moving parts or assembling required.
The instructions are simple!

1. Install the 4 setscrews with locktite.
2. Install the ring gear to the Locker.
3. Install bearings on the locker and ring gear.
4. Install the LAST Locker into the axle housing.
5. Insert axle shafts into the locker, fully seated in to the bearings or ring gear.
6. Turn each of the 4 setscrews 1 turn at a time, rotating the gear to align the drive axles inside. and install in your vehicle.
7. Once snug on the axles and turning freely, tighten all 4 setscrews.
8. Replace covers and assembly of axle housing.
9. Be sure to allow time for the LockTite Threadlocker to set fully before driving.

Made your own custom length tubes or offset diff design? Need a simple locker that will make a permanent latch on your custom length axle shafts? The GCM LAST Locker is the answer for you. Thanks to the simple and solid design of the LAST Lockers, you can use any custom chopped or ground axles you can think up! Simply put the new cut axles into the locker, as you would stock parts, and then tighten down the 4 setscrews. That's it! Locked in forever!

Gone are the days of broken scintered star lockers, or wearing out multiple part locker units. This time it's a simple setup that will LAST.

Each unit comes with one diff locker unit and (4) M4x6 Cup Point Setscrews

*This item will not easily work with stock SCX front Axles. They are too short to meet the lock screws properly.*

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