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J2-Axial Axle-Steel Link Kit

J2-Axial Axle-Steel Link Kit Image

This little kit will let you thread on rod ends to pre-made link rods and get a direct fit for your JK 2door Hardbody build, using a 10.625 wheelbase and SCX axles with GCM front and rear truss installed.
Everything is included in the kit, and will get you a 4link rear and a 3link with panhard up front, all directly made to fit and work with the Skeleton J2 chassis and SCX axle housings, and require the GCM 4 Link rear truss, and 3 Link front truss, as well as the GCM SCX Panhard Kit.

Each Kit comes with the following:
Front Panhard link
Front 3rd top link
Front lower link x2
Rear lower link x2
Rear upper 4link x2
16 x GCM Plastic Rod Ends

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