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J2-RC4wd-Aluminum Link Kit

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Detail Image

Watch the Assembly video below.

This little kit will let you thread on rod ends to pre-made link tubes and get a direct fit for your JK 2door Hardbody build, using a 10.625 wheelbase and RC4wd axles with RC4wd link bracket front and rear.
The kit will require you to add 16 Traxxas rod ends from the #5347 bag, and will get you a 4link rear and a 3link with panhard up front, all directly made to fit and work with the Skeleton J2 chassis and RC4wd axle housings, such as the K44, D35, Yota, Yota II axle housings. Use the RC4wd Link brackets for the axles, and then add these GCM links for a perfect match!
We also have the important Axle Panhard bracket kit made to fit this combination of build parts, also shown on the Skeleton parts listing here at GCM Racing.

Each Kit comes with the following:
Front Panhard link tube
Front 3rd top link tube
Front lower link tube x2
Rear lower link tube x2
Rear upper 4link tube x2
16 x 8/32 setscrews for assembly

There are 2 options for Rod Ends.
#1. "No" Requires 16 rod ends from Traxxas Bag #5347 you purchase separately.
#2. "Yes" If you choose the 'With Ends' Option then your links will come complete with #5347 rod ends included.
All Tube links are BLACK finish.

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