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CMAX Ultimate Bronco Special

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** SPECIAL ORDER IS OPEN until Dec. 11, production and delivery January '23 **

After this amazing hardbody kit was released from MFab we had to get a full scale truck under it.. which included our licensed James Duff radius arm setup! (full size Bronco JD radius arms LINK HERE) These days we have new 79 Bronco Hardbody options, as well as many custom Ford trucks that need a full suspension scale CMAX chassis.

We have added a huge amount of special stuff to this ORDER ONLY kit. We finished this kit with scintered axles, machined steel internals with U joint front steering, Aluminum knuckles, Full replica front James Duff Radius arm suspension, and includes our regular rear leaf spring mounts, and standard CMAX scale LowRange transmission with married Tcase. Then we added an all new trans crossmember, doubling as the radius arm mount, and frame side front coil buckets and shock mounts. To get the suspension working well we include ALL the springs and shocks.

In your package you'll find a Factory Built 'slider' chassis, including the following items:

Left and Right CMAX Chassis Rails, full length at 19.5 inches
Front Servo Mount
Front Frame Shock Mounts with Coil Bucket
Front James Duff licensed Radius arm set, including diamond cups and bushings
Front coil springs
Front shocks
Front Radius arm axle, 3.75:1 high pinion gearing
Front Aluminum machined knuckles
Steel U joint front and center driveshafts
Steering drag link, tierod, and trackbar
Front 540 size Motor Mount Plate
GCM LowRange Scale Transmission, Steel Gear, 14.3 Gear Ratio
LRT2 Transfer Case, 1.11 Overdrive Front Output
Transfer Case Cross Member with Long Arm suspension mounts
Frame Center Cross Member
Frame Rear Cross Member
Rear Leaf Spring mount, and swing hanger
Rear Leaf springs #9808091
Rear shocks
Rear centered Ford leaf spring axle, 3.75:1 high pinion gearing
Steel rear shafts
Includes All Hex Hardware, 12t Pinion Gear for 1/8 motor shaft

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