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1.9 Ranger Black Beadlock Set- 5 or 6 lug

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This listing is for the Ranger Black 5lug or 6lug Beadlock rim set. All 4 rims and BOTH 5 and 6 lug covers are included in this set.
Using our trusted beadlock spacing and design, we now offer these 1.9 size rims, with internal recessed beadlock screws, fitting any knuckle and lockout combo we can find. These rims are completely billet aluminum machined and finished in Black.
The fully machined 12mm hex seat will sit solid on the axle and with the -1.1mm offset your tires will tuck right in. Use a wider hex if you wish to push them outwards.
These rims feature a full width of 26mm measured outside the lip, and will beadlock all the regular crawl tires from all manufacturers. This means the tire will fit more square on the sidewall, reduce puffy foam issues, and make a more realistic tire tread print. Check out this link HERE for info on tire foam trimming for perfect fitment on wide tires. Also fits Pro-Line tires, and everything else we have tested.

Includes all hex hardware, wheel components, and fits all 12mm hex for 4 wheels.
Includes 6 of the M2 bolts for center cap per rim.
(bolts can be easily replaced with scale M2 hardware)
Includes BOTH the 5 lug and the 6 lug covers, you can choose what matches your vehicle.

Fitment notes:
Outside of rim to hex face 11.7mm.
Inside of rim to hex face 14.2mm.
Total width 25.9mm.
Outside diameter of rim 54.5mm.

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